U.S. Senate Candidate Daniel Gade announced today his first course of action as Virginia’s next U.S. Senator will be the introduction of the Stop Insider Trading (SIT) Act. The announcement comes in light of multiple U.S. Senators attempting to profit from privileged information related to COVID-19.

“Using your official position for private gain, whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, is an egregious abuse of public office,” said Daniel Gade. “Instead of walking straight out of that private briefing and working to find a solution against this pandemic, several U.S. Senators’ first call was to their stock brokers instead. This behavior is exactly what’s wrong with career politicians in the swamp and why I’m introducing the SIT Act as my first bill in the Senate.”

The SIT Act will require all Members of Congress to place their investment portfolio in a blind trust upon taking the oath of office. Gade’s legislation will prohibit Members of Congress from using information received from their official duties for personal benefit and put them on an even playing field with everyday Americans.

“The SIT Act is a bipartisan piece of legislation that will finally put an end to politicians leaving Washington richer than they came,” said Gade. “Members of Congress are elected to serve the American public, not to line their pocketbooks. While people are dying from this deadly virus, politicians are profiting. Let’s put an end to it.”