My Principles

I am not a career politician, nor am I interested in power or prestige at the expense of the American citizen. Instead, this is about honoring the sacred values that began and will sustain our Republic and about serving the people of the Commonwealth. Since I was seventeen, I have served the American people, and I look forward to serving Virginia in the Senate. I will fight for Virginia with the same oath, but on a new mission. I am running for the US Senate because our freedoms are still worth fighting for.

We must return to a fiscally responsible government that promotes individual freedom. Powers not given to the federal government explicitly in the Constitution are reserved to the people or to the States. Government overreach should be called what it is: tyranny. It’s past time to rein in government overreach and return to Constitutional government

Markets that are free of government interference or crony capitalism are engines of economic growth and prosperity for all. Low individual and business taxes, decreased regulation, and free and unfettered trade is the key to further improvement in the standard of living for all Americans.

The power to declare war resides in Congress, not the Executive. Since the end of World War II, Congress has shirked this responsibility. I believe that we should commit troops only a) in defense of a vital national interest b) when there is a defined end state and c) when military force is the only remaining option. Military families shouldn’t be the only ones having dinner table conversations before their loved ones go to war. I am opposed to the open-ended commitment of troops around the world.

Our civil rights include the right to live in accordance with our religious principles, the right to unrestricted free speech and exchange of ideas, and the right to protect ourselves by keeping and bearing arms. This is the only way to ensure equal protection and justice for all, regardless of race, class, or creed.