Richmond, VA – This week the Senate will vote on a $500 billion dollar COVID-19 relief package, which will provide funds to expand unemployment benefits, another round of the Paycheck Protection Program, financial aid to schools and funding for testing and tracing.  Gade is calling on Warner to give Virginians relief now.

“Virginia families are suffering more today than they have in over a decade,” said Daniel Gade. “Parents are out of work, kids are out of school and our economy and healthcare systems are being strained. We need relief now. Only in Washington is not getting everything you want justification for not giving anything to your constituents. Virginia deserves better from its leaders.”

Virginians know where Sen. Mark Warner stands on COVID-19 relief after he denied Americans much needed relief in the last proposal because it was a Republican bill.

“It’s absurd that Mark says we need to do something about COVID-19, but hasn’t lifted a finger to help Virginians except a few photo ops for his campaign,” said Gade Campaign Spokesperson, David Alvarez. “This is Washington at its finest, where doing nothing is considered doing your job. Over 200,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 and Mark’s only excuse for voting against the relief package is that ‘a couple Republicans also voted no.’ Hardly a profile in courage, Mark.”



Dr. Daniel Gade is a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, professor, and public policy leader. During more than 25 years of military service, he was awarded the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star, and two Purple Hearts. Daniel graduated from West Point in 1997. He currently resides in Alexandria with his wife of 21 years, Wendy, and their three children.